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Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style – Sophistication in Simplicity

Phong Cach Thiết Kế Nội Thất Wabi Sabi | NTDecor

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style – Sophistication in Simplicity

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style originates from the Japanese aesthetic philosophy, where sophistication is found in simplicity and imperfection. Wabi Sabi is not only a design style, but also a way of looking at life, honoring the natural beauty, simplicity and usefulness of the most simple things.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Join NTDecor to discover how Wabi Sabi brings a rustic, authentic and meaningful beauty to your living space, creating a relaxing living environment and close to nature. Through that, we will better understand why Wabi Sabi is considered an art of living, helping us appreciate deep and lasting values.

Definition of Wabi Sabi Style

Wabi Sabi style is a unique aesthetic philosophy originating from Japan, giving us a completely new perspective on beauty. In a world that always seeks perfection and constantly innovates, Wabi Sabi guides us back to simplicity, simplicity, and acceptance of life’s imperfections.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecorWhen entering a Wabi Sabi style space, we feel purity and closeness. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and ceramic are used delicately, along with warm colors, creating a peaceful and harmonious living space. The simplicity and minimalism in Wabi Sabi not only helps eliminate unnecessary elements, but also brings a sense of peace and depth.

History and Origin of Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi style originates from Japan and comes from two separate but complementary concepts “Wabi” and “Sabi”.

“Wabi” originally referred to the silence, solitude and simplicity of life in the wild, far from urban prosperity. Over time, Wabi evolved into a concept that celebrates simplicity, nature, and purity in life.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor“Sabi” is related to the beauty of the traces of time. That is the beauty of oldness, wear and scratches that time leaves on objects and landscapes. Sabi shows reverence and appreciation for things that are old, giving them a deep historical and emotional value.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecorThe Wabi Sabi style really began to take shape in the 15th and 16th centuries, under the strong influence of the Zen sect. During this period, Japanese monks and artisans developed the Wabi Sabi philosophy as a reaction to the lavishness and sophistication of the interior design style of the time. They look for beauty in simple things and flaws, valuing peace and quiet of the soul.

Today, the Wabi Sabi style still retains its value and appeal, becoming a source of inspiration for many designers and lovers of simplicity, authenticity and respect for nature. Wabi Sabi philosophy reminds us to appreciate the beauty in imperfection, the peace in simplicity and the value of natural, true things in life.

Wabi Sabi In Contemporary Culture

Wabi Sabi style, with deep roots in Japanese aesthetic philosophy, not only exists in the past but also has a strong influence on the present.

In contemporary culture, as life becomes fast and complicated, many people feel the need to seek peace and quiet again. The Wabi Sabi style is a lifestyle that meets that need by honoring the values ​​of simplicity and nature. It encourages us to accept life’s imperfections and show empathy for the changing times.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

In contemporary art and design, Wabi Sabi is expressed through a preference for minimalism and craftsmanship. Artists and designers often choose to use natural materials and celebrate imperfections to create unique and vibrant pieces. Wabi Sabi style design is not merely a trend but an innovative approach and meets the needs of the contemporary world.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecorIn addition, the Wabi Sabi lifestyle promotes sustainability and respect for the environment. The use of natural and recycled materials, and the respect for imperfections and the changing times, help create a natural and harmonious approach to the environment.

Fundamentals of Wabi Sabi Design

Imperfection and Eternity


Wabi Sabi encourages us to find beauty in imperfection and imperfection. In interior design, this is expressed through the use of natural materials with rough, irregular surfaces and unfinished details.

  • Natural materials: Materials such as wood, stone and ceramic are often chosen because they carry the natural traces of time. Wood with natural cracks, stone with rough surfaces, or ceramics with small cracks all create a unique and rustic beauty.
  • Industrial cabinet furniture: Handcrafted furniture, with natural lines, is often popular. These products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tell the story of their creation.
  • Differences and improvisation: Wabi Sabi accepts and celebrates differences and spontaneity in design. Each item is unique, no two are exactly alike, creating richness and personality for the living space.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Eternal Emptiness

Wabi Sabi also emphasizes the impermanence of all things, reminding us of impermanence and the constant change of life.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

  • Time trace: Signs of wear and fading over time on interior items are not only accepted but are also considered to add value and beauty. A wooden table with scratches, a ceramic vase with cracks, all express the passage of time and bring a sense of familiarity.
  • Old items: Using old, long-lasting items not only brings classic beauty but also creates a cozy and intimate space. These items often have sentimental and historical value, connecting people to the past and memories.
  • Nature and change: Natural elements such as trees, flowers, and leaves are brought into the living space to create a connection with nature. The change of seasons, the growth and decay of indoor plants also demonstrate the impermanence that Wabi Sabi honors.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

The Combination Between Natural and Artificial

Natural materials

Wabi Sabi makes the most of natural materials, emphasizing their pristine and rustic beauty. Natural materials bring a feeling of warmth and intimacy, while connecting the living space with nature.

  • Wood: It is the main material in Wabi Sabi, with woods with natural grain, irregular surfaces and warm colors. Wood is often left intact or simply processed to preserve its natural beauty.
  • Stone: Stones with rough, uneven surfaces are used to make tables, shelves or decorations. Stone brings a sense of solidity and rusticity, clearly demonstrating Wabi Sabi’s philosophy of durability and impermanence.
  • Ceramics: Pottery items with cracks, chips, or surface imperfections are treasured. These products are not just objects but also works of art, each with its own story.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Artificial Elements

Human ingenuity in manipulating natural materials into unique pieces of furniture, both simple and sophisticated, is an important highlight of the Wabi Sabi style.

  • Handcrafted furniture: Handmade products, from tables and chairs, bookshelves to decorative items, all bear the mark of the craftsman’s meticulousness and dedication. The rough, imperfect lines in these products create intimacy and authenticity.
  • Traditional technique: Traditional craft techniques, such as carpentry or ceramics, are applied to create unique and sustainable products. The items not only have practical value but also have artistic and cultural value.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Harmony Between Nature and Man-made

Wabi Sabi seeks balance between the natural and the artificial, between the perfect and the imperfect. This balance creates a harmonious living space where people can feel peace and tranquility. By respecting and balancing these elements, Wabi Sabi brings a feeling of naturalness and calmness to each person’s living space.

Application Of Wabi Sabi In Interior Design

Material and Color Selection

In Wabi Sabi style, choosing materials is extremely important to create a simple, natural and peaceful living space. Popular materials in this style design include natural woods such as oak, pine, ash and Japanese pine (hinoki). The wood has outstanding grain and warm colors, helping to create a cozy and natural feel for the space.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

In addition, stone and clay are also commonly used materials in Wabi Sabi. Stones such as granite, marble, sedimentary rock and handcrafted ceramics have natural, imperfect surfaces that convey a sense of closeness to nature and the passing of time. Natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk and cotton are also popular for decoration and furnishings in the Wabi Sabi style. These fabrics have a natural color and feel, creating a comfortable space.

Besides, choosing colors is also very important in Wabi Sabi style design.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

White and cream color: Choose white and pale colors, these colors create purity, tranquility and peace.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Earth color: Use brown, earthy colors, and natural wood colors. They create a warmth and closeness, connecting the living space with nature.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Grey: Use gray or black to create emphasis and balance in the space. However, use them appropriately and embellish so as not to lose the naturalness and simplicity of the Wabi Sabi style.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

How to Arrange Space in Wabi Sabi Style

The way to arrange space in this style is to create a simple but meaningful living space, where each detail is carefully selected and has its own story.

Avoid complexity and being too picky in decoration. Choose simple, natural pieces of furniture and decor such as rough wooden tables, oil lamps or simple images of flowers and leaves. These items will create authenticity and simplicity for the space. In Wabi Sabi style, space is not just emptiness but also part of the design. This helps create balance and creates a more relaxing space.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Choose simple and spiritual decorative items such as Ikebana vases, wall paintings with natural images, or ceramics with a rustic look. Avoid ostentation and too many details, to create tranquility and focus on the core values ​​of the space.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Wabi Sabi style often facilitates natural light and good air circulation. Take advantage of large windows, doors leading to the garden or garden to connect the living space with the outside environment. This is a way to bring nature into your living space.

Bringing nature into your living space by combining green trees in a harmonious and sophisticated way, you will create a truly fresh, close and natural living space. Keep the arrangement minimalist to highlight the natural beauty of the trees.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Benefits of Applying Wabi Sabi Style

Create a Relaxing and Peaceful Living Space

Wabi Sabi style celebrates simplicity, naturalness and imperfection. Spaces designed in this style bring a sense of peace and relaxation to the people living in them. Simplicity and sophistication help ease the stress and hustle of modern life.

Helps strengthen connection to nature: Wabi Sabi encourages the use of natural materials and creates living spaces close to nature. Having trees, stones, wood and natural light in a space enhances the connection with the surrounding environment and brings psychological balance.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Encourage creativity and personalization: Wabi Sabi style values ​​naturalness and individuality. You can freely create and personalize your living space without being bound by perfection standards. This sparks creativity and allows you to express yourself more naturally and authentically.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Increase tolerance and acceptance of change: Wabi Sabi teaches us to accept imperfection and the changing times. Items that show signs of age and cracks in the wood are considered beautiful in this style. Applying this principle helps increase tolerance and readiness to accept change in life.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Create a safe and reliable living space: The simplicity and naturalness of Wabi Sabi style creates a safe and reliable living space. This is an ideal environment to relax and unwind after a long day of work.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Promotes balance and harmony: Wabi Sabi seeks balance between natural and artificial elements, perfection and imperfection. Applying this principle helps create a harmonious living space and promote balance in life.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Design Style

On the path of applying Wabi Sabi style to interior design, we not only create beautiful and peaceful spaces, but also place emphasis on sustainability and positive interaction with the surrounding environment. . By combining Wabi Sabi’s natural design principles with environmental values, we can create living spaces that are truly livable and meaningful.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

In addition, creating green space in Wabi Sabi design also plays an important role in promoting sustainability and positive interaction with the environment. Bringing trees and plants into living spaces not only creates natural highlights but also improves air quality and strengthens people’s connection with nature.

Choose small plants with simple shapes and bright green leaves to place in empty corners of the space, on the desk, or near the window to take advantage of natural light. These simple plant pots will bring a small natural corner and create a delicate highlight for the space. You can also create a larger green space by placing large plants indoors, such as ceiling plants, wall plants or dense leafy plants. Create indoor gardens with plants of diverse sizes and shapes to create accents and enhance closeness to nature.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Avoid using too many decorations and unnecessary materials. Focus on choosing items that are meaningful and truly necessary to avoid waste and environmental pollution.

Images and Examples of Wabi Sabi Interiors

Wabi Sabi Living Room: Harmony Between Old and New

The living room designed in Wabi Sabi style is a place that shows a great harmony between classic and modern elements, creating a living space characterized by sophistication and peace. In this design, the combination of classic, simple objects full of character and modern pieces creates a unique balance and harmony. With the skillful combination of these elements, the Wabi Sabi living room will become an emotional living space imbued with Eastern culture, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation to the user.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

The decoration in the Wabi Sabi living room is made minimalist and selective. Instead of too many decorations, focus on a few meaningful and high-value items such as handmade works of art, natural ceramics or simple paintings hung on the wall. Sophistication and contrast between objects are important factors in creating a living space true to the Wabi Sabi style.

Natural light and soft colors are other indispensable elements in the Wabi Sabi living room. Take advantage of natural light by widening windows and using light curtains. Choose neutral and natural colors such as white, gray, brown, light green to create tranquility and harmony.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Placing items in the living room according to the principle of “Ma” (empty space) is a way to honor tranquility and relaxation in space. Using recycled wood or handmade products is also a way to create a connection to art and spirituality in life.

Wabi Sabi Bedroom: A Place to Rest in Harmony with Nature

In the bedroom designed in Wabi Sabi style, you will find a true resting space, where harmony with nature is clearly and delicately expressed. From natural materials to minimalism in decoration, everything points towards a true spiritual peace and purification.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

The Wabi Sabi bedroom is a place to enjoy the simplicity and imperfections of natural materials. From natural wood with striking grain, stone with natural cracks to soft linens, each detail radiates raw yet profound beauty. This choice not only brings natural beauty but also demonstrates a philosophy of sophistication and respect for the environment. Instead of too many decorations, you’ll find just a few carefully selected items such as simple works of art, natural ceramics and spiritual wall hangings. This minimalism not only creates purification but also helps create a space of relaxation and peace, completely in line with the philosophy of Wabi Sabi.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

The colors in the Wabi Sabi bedroom are usually natural and neutral colors such as white, gray, brown and light green. These colors not only create tranquility and harmony but also bring a sense of relaxation and peace to the sleeping space.

Additionally, the use of natural light is an important highlight in the Wabi Sabi bedroom. By taking advantage of light from windows and using light curtains, the space becomes more open and airy, creating a feeling of being closer to nature outside.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Finally, placing a few small potted green plants in the bedroom serves as a natural highlight and purifies the air, bringing life and strengthening your connection to nature. With the delicate combination of these elements, the Wabi Sabi bedroom will become a perfect resting space, allowing you to mingle with nature and enjoy true peace.

Conclusion and Advice When Designing in the Wabi Sabi Style

Advice From Interior Design Experts

When designing an interior in the Wabi Sabi style, listening to advice from interior design experts can help you better understand and properly apply the core principles of this style.

Joshua Becker, a minimalist lifestyle expert, emphasizes that minimalism is a key element of Wabi Sabi. He advises keeping the space airy by removing unnecessary items and only keeping things that are truly meaningful and valuable. This minimalism helps create a clean, sophisticated and peaceful living space.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Oliver Heath, an expert on biophilic design, encourages bringing natural elements into the home. Adding trees, taking advantage of natural light and using other natural elements not only helps strengthen the connection with nature but also creates a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, helping people feel comfortable and relaxed. More space in your living space.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

How to Maintain and Develop the Wabi Sabi Style in the Future

Minimalism in design also needs to be maintained by eliminating unnecessary items and only retaining truly valuable items, helping the space become airy and sophisticated. Natural light and neutral, gentle colors such as white, gray, brown and light green continue to be ideal choices, creating harmony and relaxation for the living space. Bringing nature indoors by adding plants and using other natural elements not only enhances natural beauty but also improves air quality and creates a sense of relaxation.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Celebrating handmade arts and crafts products not only brings a sense of authenticity but also shows respect for the skills and efforts of the craftsman. Moving towards sustainable design solutions, using recycled materials, reusable furniture and eco-friendly construction methods is also an important part of protecting the planet. Creating quiet and relaxing spaces in your home, like a reading corner or meditation area, will help you find peace and balance in your daily life.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

Finally, maintaining flexibility and adaptability to changes, combining tradition and modernity will create a living space that is both beautiful and meaningful. In this way, you not only maintain but also develop the Wabi Sabi style, creating a harmonious, sustainable and artistic living space, in accordance with the requirements and trends of the future.

Wabi Sabi Interior Design Style | NTDecor

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