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Home Design Trends 2023 | A Gift for Parents

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

Unable to avoid the laws of nature, our parents are getting older and experiencing changes in both their physical health and psychological well-being. A spacious, safe, and connected living environment with their children and grandchildren is perhaps something every elderly person desires. Therefore, in this article, let’s explore the trends in home design suitable for an enjoyable life in old age, dedicated to our parents.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

Living in a clean and serene space is highly meaningful for the elderly.

  1. Characteristics of the psychological, health, and lifestyle changes in the elderly

The elderly are individuals aged 60 and above (according to the Law on the Elderly in Vietnam in 2010). As they enter the old age phase, our grandparents and parents will experience changes in their psychological well-being, physical health, and lifestyle habits. These changes vary from person to person. Some common changes observed in the elderly’s psychological well-being, health, and lifestyle habits include:

Feeling lonely, wanting attention, and being easily disheartened

As they reach retirement age, the elderly often feel like they have “nothing to do,” unable to meet friends and colleagues as frequently as before, while their children and grandchildren are busy with their own lives and work. As a result, the elderly may feel forgotten and abandoned. Moreover, as their health deteriorates with age, they have fewer opportunities to interact with their children and grandchildren, socialize with friends, etc., leading to an increased sense of solitude and loneliness.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

Elderly people enjoy gatherings and always wish for their children and grandchildren to come and visit, to play together, and to gather around joyful family meals (Photo: Hachi Lily House)

Prone to depression and suspicion

The elderly have the psychological desire to impart their life experiences and expect their children and grandchildren to follow the traditions and customs of their generation. However, due to the generation gap, this can lead to conflicts within the family. Consequently, the elderly may feel hurt, experience mild depression, and become suspicious. Additionally, as they transition from being the caregivers to being the ones receiving care, their psychological well-being is easily affected, resulting in negative thoughts.

Nostalgic mindset, longing for the past

The elderly enjoy reminiscing about the past and sharing stories of memories. Especially for those who were born and raised in a different place but established their careers and current lives there, they often have a nostalgic attachment to their hometown, roots, and old houses.

Prone to accidents in daily activities

In terms of physical health, the elderly are more prone to falls and injuries due to weaker bones, impaired balance, and reduced reflexes. These falls can cause significant injuries to their bones and skin, with slower or more challenging recovery, greatly impacting their overall health.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

Family members need to be harmonious, comfortable, share, and love each other more in order to ensure the emotional and physical well-being of the elderly (Photo: Hon Xen House)

Vulnerable to diseases, especially contagious diseases

As people age, their immune system weakens. Therefore, the elderly are more susceptible to respiratory illnesses, joint and bone-related diseases, cardiovascular conditions, and especially memory-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, as individuals age, their memory declines, leading to forgetfulness, lack of attention, and an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s syndrome.

  1. Popular types of homes – suitable design trends for elderly parents to enjoy their old age

Given the psychological and health characteristics of the elderly mentioned above, it is crucial for their children to understand and care for them. Along with regular conversations and healthcare, many adult children nowadays tend to build homes specifically for their elderly parents, with amenities tailored to their needs. The following types of homes are often chosen to provide the most comfortable living environment for aging parents in their later years.

Single-story homes (level 4 house)

Single-story homes, often simple and uncomplicated in design, are highly suitable for the elderly due to their safety features (minimizing the need for staircases between floors) and ease of design and construction, especially when parents reside in the countryside or far from their children and grandchildren. There are four popular designs for single-story homes: Thai-style single-story houses, houses with mezzanine floors, rural single-story houses, and garden single-story houses. These designs are all simple yet ensure convenience, warmth, and suitability for the lifestyle and safety of elderly parents. Moreover, incorporating traditional elements that are familiar to parents, evoking nostalgia and stories of the past, into the design of a single-story home allows the elderly to revisit memories and feel close and comfortable in their living space.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

A single-story home in Can Tho city dedicated to parents with a completion cost of 500 million VND.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

Maison A is a meaningful gift from a son to his mother.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

A simple yet cozy living space that makes the mother feel close and mentally at ease.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

A well-lit single-story house that benefits the health of the elderly and facilitates daily activities.

Garden Homes

Garden homes are designed and built on large plots of land. The exterior features a lush garden with various flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables. The green surroundings not only embellish the house but also create an ideal living environment for the elderly, significantly improving their mental and physical well-being. Engaging with nature, planting trees, raising birds, or enjoying tea and admiring flowers in the garden every morning and evening are refined pleasures for the elderly, bringing them daily joy and reducing feelings of loneliness. Therefore, garden homes are a popular choice for children who want to build homes for their parents to relax and enjoy life.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

Ovilla, a young man’s home design gift for his parents in Vinh Phuc province.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

A gentle and peaceful living space for the elderly to enjoy their golden years.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

A refreshing environment filled with greenery, natural sunlight at PAPA House, a home built by a son for his parents in Tam Dao.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

A rustic home with neatly arranged interior design for safety and convenience in daily activities.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

An Lao Home – A dream brought to life by a son, creating a house that remains timeless and filled with love.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

The presence of arched door frames combined with wood creates a familiar and intimate feeling, reminiscent of traditional Vietnamese houses.

High-rise Buildings

For families spanning 2-3 generations living in cities with limited space advantages, high-rise buildings are a suitable choice. Well-designed and constructed high-rise buildings ensure privacy for family members while fostering interaction and connection among grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. Accordingly, the grandparents’ bedroom is typically located on the ground floor, close to communal areas such as the living room, kitchen-dining area, and open spaces like the garden, courtyard, and skylight. This design enables convenient and safe activities for parents while still allowing them to interact with their children and grandchildren, preventing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

Casa A.N is a gift from a son to his parents, where three generations of the family can always be together.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

The ground-floor bedroom overlooks a peaceful garden, providing relaxation and mental comfort for parents.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

THD House with its split-level design and skylight is a gift from a daughter to her mother.

Trends in Home Design | A Gift for Parents | NTDecor

Many high-rise designs include elevators to assist the mobility of elderly parents.

Parents not only have the responsibility of giving birth but also work hard to nurture and care for their children throughout their lives. When they reach old age, if they can live in a comfortable environment filled with love, their mental state, personality, and health will greatly improve!

The above is a compilation of some popular housing types suitable for the elderly – recent trends in Vietnamese house designs, as well as meaningful gifts that children dedicate to their parents. It is hoped that this article serves as a useful reference for those planning to build a home for their parents, providing them with appropriate design choices that offer the most comfortable and safe living space.

NTDecor with its creative ideas and competitive pricing, hopes to accompany filial children in sending the most meaningful gifts to their parents.