Co Mem Homelab Quang Trung

Go Vap Dist – HCM City

Co Mem Homelab Quang Trung in Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh City is designed in a Mixed design style



100 m²


Co Mem Homelab


Mixed design



The use of wooden planks, rattan, and wind cotton patterns creates a warm and natural atmosphere, which is perfect for a cosmetic shop that emphasizes natural and organic products.



The use of warm materials and textures such as wood and rattan, coupled with soft and airy cotton patterns, makes the shop feel cozy and inviting.



The use of natural materials such as wood and rattan promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness, which is becoming increasingly important to many customers. By using these materials, the shop can communicate its commitment to sustainability and attract customers who share these values.

The main keyword for this design style

Co Mem Homelab Quang Trung

The design of Co Mem Homelab Quang Trung

A cosmetic shop using wooden planks, rattan, and wind cotton patterns would exude a warm and inviting atmosphere with a touch of nature.

  • The wooden planks can be used for the flooring or walls, giving the space a rustic charm.
  • Rattan can be incorporated into the design through furniture pieces, such as chairs, sofas, or even lighting fixtures, adding texture and creating a cozy feel.
  • Wind cotton patterns can be applied on the walls or in the form of curtains or decorative items, giving a light and airy feel.

Together, these elements create a unique and natural aesthetic for the cosmetic shop.

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