Beer Factory Restaurant

SORA gardens – Binh Duong Province

Beer Factory Restaurant in SORA gardens – Binh Duong Province is designed in a industrial style



300 m²


I Craft Beer Club





Industrial style typically incorporates raw and rugged materials such as brick, concrete, steel, and wood. These materials can be used to create an industrial, factory-like ambiance in a beer restaurant.



In an industrial-style beer restaurant, it is common to leave pipes, ductwork, and other mechanical elements exposed. This gives the space a raw and unfinished look, which is central to the industrial style.



Industrial style is known for its minimalistic decor and functional furnishings. The decor can be limited to a few statement pieces, while functional furnishings like metal stools, wire mesh baskets, and wooden benches can be used to create a relaxed atmosphere.

The main keyword for this design style

Beer Factory Restaurant

The design of Beer Factory Restaurant

A beer restaurant with an industrial style interior design would be characterized by the following features:

  1. Raw materials: Industrial style is known for its use of raw materials like exposed brick, concrete, and metal. In a beer restaurant, these elements could be used for the walls, flooring, and accents.
  2. Open floor plan: Industrial style often favors an open floor plan with high ceilings and large windows to let in natural light. This could be especially effective in a beer restaurant, where customers can see the brewery or beer-making process.
  3. Rustic furnishings: Industrial style furnishings are often rustic and utilitarian in nature, with materials like distressed leather and reclaimed wood. This could be incorporated into seating, tables, and bar areas.
  4. Minimalist decor: Industrial style favors a minimalist aesthetic with few decorative elements. Instead, focus on the raw materials and textures to create visual interest.
  5. Metal accents: Metal accents, like pendant lights and bar stools, are a key feature of industrial style. These accents could be used to tie together the raw materials and rustic furnishings in the space.

Overall, an industrial style interior design for a beer restaurant would create a laid-back, casual atmosphere that emphasizes the beer-making process and raw materials used in the brewing process.

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