Hung Phat Tower Apartment

Hung Phat Tower, HCM City

Hung Phat Tower Apartment in Ho Chi Minh city is designed in a modern style.



76 m²


Ms. Le





Modern design emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. This means using a simple color palette and avoiding clutter. White, yellow, and blue are all bright and clean colors that work well together and can create a sense of openness in the space. Plywood can be used to create clean lines and a streamlined look.



Modern design is all about function over form. This means making sure that everything in the apartment has a purpose and a place. Storage is important in a modern apartment to keep clutter to a minimum.



Using sustainable materials is becoming increasingly important in modern design. Plywood is a sustainable material that is made from renewable resources and has a low environmental impact.

The main keyword for this design style

Hung Phat Tower Apartment

The design of the Hung Phat Tower Apartment

Modern style apartments with white, yellow, and blue color schemes are a popular design trend.

  • The use of plywood is also common in modern apartment design, as it provides a sleek and minimalist look.
  • The use of natural light is a key feature in modern apartment design, and large windows are often incorporated to maximize natural light.
  • In addition to plywood, other common materials used in modern apartment design include concrete, metal, and glass.
  • The overall aesthetic is clean, simple, and functional, with an emphasis on open spaces and minimal clutter.

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